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About Us


The Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts Pro Bono PT clinic is a nonpartisan organization that serves as a beacon of hope and positive change to the poor and uninsured of Washington, DC, suffering from pain and life-changing functional limitations. Inspired by Christ, we believe in the dignity and gifted practice of care for all. 



The Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts is an Italian order of sisters​ dedicated to catechesis, medical service for the poor, educational services as well as various charitable works since 1894. Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts Pro Bono Clinic is the first pro bono physical therapy clinic in Washington, DC.  Established in 2007, it partners with licensed physical therapist volunteers and other staff to provide evaluation and treatment to underserved residents in and around the metro area.  

All Services

The following services are available at our clinic on select Saturdays throughout the month.


  • Physical Therapy

  • Diabetic foot clinic

  • Diabetic eye exams

Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome volunteers year-round including:


  • Physical Therapists

  • Student Physical Therapists

  • Medical Students

  • Translators (English/Spanish)

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"I am so grateful for the services at the clinic. The people are wonderful and helpful. I could not thank the clinic enough for what they have done for me.” 

Elfreida, Patient

“Volunteering at the Little Workers of the Sacred Heart pro-bono clinic has reaffirmed my love for the physical therapy field. The clinic has not only been a center for community support, but it has also been a place of encouragement and affirmation. I appreciate the opportunity to serve patients and work alongside practicing clinicians. It has given me insight into the difficulties created by a language barrier and taught me ways to connect with people across many different backgrounds. I encourage all student physical therapists to volunteer their time in order to practice clinical reasoning skills, serve the DC area and build relationships with dedicated and passionate clinicians”


AC, Student Physical Therapist

"The Little Workers of the Sacred Heart Pro Bono Clinic is a mutually beneficial experience for both patients and healthcare providers. As a future physical therapist, the clinic gave me the opportunity to practice what I have been learning in school, as well as getting out in the community and helping people. The volunteers and patients are extremely friendly and excited to see new faces in the clinic. I really enjoyed volunteering and I look forward to my next visit!"

KL, Student Physical Therapist

“Volunteering at the pro bono clinic was such a fun and rewarding experience! I am thankful that this opportunity exists to not only refine my clinical expertise but to help out my immediate community as well. I can’t wait to come back and learn more from the other volunteers and the patients themselves!”


DZ, Student Physical Therapist

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